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Youth Theatre "Be Durų"



The Youth theatre "Be durų" is a repertory theatre that has evolved from the Dolls theatre established in 1962. 

At the time the collective was managed by famous Klaipeda Drama theatre actors, such as Laimis Ciunis, Balys Barauskas, and Romualdas Grincevičius. The repertoire was comprised of traditional dolls plays. Angelė Juškevičienė has been the director of the theatre since 1987.

The plays from the Youth theatre "Be durų" repertoire are dedicated to the audience of children and young people. The plays of this theatre can be characterized as vibrant, full of music and original dances.

In spring 2006 the theatre presented a play addressed to the adult audience – staged short story by Chingiz Aitmatov "Piebald Dog Running Along the Shore". It was awarded the "Golden Bird" ("Aukso paukštės") prize of the Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre as the most prominent production of the year. 

The Youth theatre unites young and talented people who are very good at singing, playing the musical instrument, writing poetry and music.

In February 2008 the theatre "Be durų" together with "Žvejų rūmai" organized the first national theatre festival for children and young people "Ice Titmouse" ("Ledinė zylutė"). Now – festival „Jaunatis“. The festival was a big success and became a traditional event.


Currently the repertoire of the theatre includes performances for children:

“Little Longnose” based on fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff

„Princesses Want To Play“ based on story by Astrid Lindgren

„A Pig Is Moving In“ based on fable-like tale by Claudia Fries

„The Sky Is Falling Not“ based on Lihuanian fairy tale

„Panama Is So Beautiful“ based on the book by Janosch (Horst Eckert)

“The Little Witch” based on the book by Otfried Preussler

„The Adventures of Buratino“ based on the story by Aleksey Tolstoy

“Caliph Stork” based on fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff

„Winnie-the-Pooh“ based on the book by Alan Alexander Milne

„Three Little Pigs And Little Wolf“ based on the book by Sergey Mikhalkov

"Kings Of The Wood" based on the book by Vytautas Kupšys

"Puss In Boots" based on fairy tale by Charles Perrault

"Fairy-tale About Kitten, Cock-a-Dodle-Doo and Seven Goatlings" based on Lithuanian tales

"Fairy-tale About St. Bernard and Kitty Fay" based on the book by Česlovas Navakauskas

"Pippy Longstocking" based on book by Astrid Lindgren

"Mysterious Discovery" based on story by G. Usatch and I.Chapovecky

"The Wizard of Emerald City" based on story by A. Volkov



Calendar of Events

"The Poets Are Coming"

18:00 hour

Big Hall

19.20 - 23.20 €


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