Mime Theatre "A"



ONDADURTO TEATRO (Italija / Italy)


Režisierius / Director: Marco Paciotti

Aktoriai / Starring: Chiara Becchimanzi, Lucia Bianchi, Giorgia Conteduca, Daniele Ginnetti, Valerio Marinaro, Giorgia Marras, Lorenzo Pasquali, Dario Vandelli, Giulia Vanni


Felliniana is the tale about a dreamlike trip that fascinates the audience - a hommage to the great Italian director Federico Fellini whose 100th anniversary of birth will be celebrated in 2020.

Felliniana, inspired by Fellini's masterpieces as La dolce vita, Amarcord, E la nave va, La strada, Le notti di Cabiria, Boccaccio ‘70, creates a rarefied atmosphere in a black and white setting typical of the Sixties Italian cinema. The show will bring Cinecittà studios to you, with all the humour and wittiness of maestro Fellini and the satire he poured in all his works.

The show will amaze you with acrobatic choreography, live music, light effects, games of water, big machinery and evocative video images blending with live acting.

The soundtrack features original songs composed and arranged by Stefano Saletti (performed by Piccola Banda Ikona) especially for the show and some never forgotten songs by the great Nino Rota.

Thus, the audience will dive into an Italian summer night’s dream.

Free Entrance


2019 July 6 d, Saturday, 22:30 hour


Calendar of Events

"The Poets Are Coming"

18:00 hour

Big Hall

19.20 - 23.20 €


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