Mime Theatre "A"


"Two Sink, Three Float"


Studio Eclipse (Belgium)


A trio with dance and visual theatre


The water as unknown, depth, subconscious lets things float or sink.

On this thin membrane between top and bottom one is taken into a surreal and visual story.

Three characters find their balance on a platform, amongst themselves with the elements.

There is an underworld a world under, which we do not see.

It is not shown on the surface or is it?


The audience takes their place at the edge of the water. On the water is a platform. Three dancers

take the audience with them into their own world, where other realities are constructed, above and

below the surface of the water.

Thus, the evidence of breathing is questioned and turned on its head. In the performance the dancers

create the illusion that they can breathe under water. The realistic surroundings gets transformed by

dance and movement into a surreal entity.

The dance is situated above and below the water’s surface; in the water and on the platform.


The platform is a symbol for the perceptible, the conscious, the known. The water symbolises the

protected, unconscious, unreachable. Objects appear on the surface. Wet bodies are dragged onto

the floating platform. The body, half in the water; physical meetings and a figure that disappears


The performance is built around three characters, two women and one man, who behave differently

towards each other and towards their surroundings. The audience is brought into a recognisable

game of humans behaviours; letting go, keeping close and leaving behind.

Through movement the three performers translate this unknown amphibious environment.

The audience enters a certain atmosphere, an atmosphere where the natural world becomes a

necessary part of the whole. It’s as if the audience simply passes, on their way to somewhere else. It

seems that you catch a glimpse of a world that is always there, hidden from sight .

The underlying tension of the movement material comes from the physical possibilities and

limitations that the water and the platform impose.

Inspiration is taken from the water, wetness, depth, weightlessness, dry land, breath and necessity.


Concept and choreography: Satya Roosens

Dancers: Estelle Delcambre, Christophe Degelin, Mirte Courtens

Technician: Jeronimo Garcia

Composer: Giovanni di Domenico


Duration: 45 min.


Co-producers: Theater op de Markt/PC Dommelhof, Neerpelt, Belgium

With support: CNAR Citron Jaune / Ilotopie, Port Saint-Louis, France, Festival Garden of Delight, The Netherlands & Trezart, Belgium


2017 July 8 d, Saturday, 19:00 hour

2017 July 9 d, Sunday, 19:00 hour


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