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Women Choir "Dangė"


Women choir „Dangė“ was founded in the Culture Centre „Žvejų rūmai“ of Klaipėda city municipality in 2013. The most of the singers are graduated from different faculties of Klaipėda University. They like spending leisure time together, enjoying company, travelling and participating in various cultural events of Klaipėda.  Judita Kiaulakytė is the conductor of the choir and Rasa Kavarzaitė is a choir master.

The choir „Dangė“ is actively involved in Klaipeda city and the country's concert life. The choir prepares a variety of choral music styles - from early music to contemporary authors - songs. The singers perform in Klaipėda and other cities of Lithuania, take part in sacred music hours at churches. The choir participates in the city and the world Lithuanian song festivals, in such international festivals as „Ave Maria“, „Džiūgaukime Aleliūja“. Together with Vilnius University Female Choir Virgo and  Chamber Orchestra had a concert in Riga Dome Cathedral and still collaborates with them for the future projects.


Calendar of Events

"The Poets Are Coming"

18:00 hour

Big Hall

19.20 - 23.20 €


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