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Exiles Choir "Atminties Gaida"

Former Political Prisoners‘ and Exiles‘ Choir „ATMINTIES GAIDA“

In November 1988 the deportees joined to „Exiles“ club in Klaipėda. Its council began to get together the exiles choir. There were a lot of people who wanted to sing.

The first choral reheasal was held on 15 January in 1989 and after a month there was their first concert at the „Palace of culture of sea trade port“ in commemoration of February 16. The exiles choir of Klaipėda began an active public life. On 30 of May the members of the choir drove to Kaunas to meet with exile poet Bernardas Brazdžionis. In 1990 they went to Częstochowa in Poland where was consercrated the mousoleum of killed Polish military officers and political prisoners who didn‘t come back to their homeland.

From 6th of March 1992 the choir is led by conducting teacher of E.Balsys art gymnasium Vytautas Saikauskas. Under his leadership the team has grown into choral activities and involved more people who supported the exile movement. When the choir went to the world‘s Lithuanian songs celbration (1994) they chose the name ,,Atminties gaida“. The choir has become one of the main that kinds of collectives in Lithuania.

The choir ,,Atminties gaida“ participate in the tune of former political prisoners of the potery and songs celebration ,,Leiskit į Tėvynę“ and annual event ,,Laisvės ugnis ateities kartoms“ .The concerts are held in E.Balsys gymnasium by young performers. The voices of deportees sound in the church Christ the King in Klaipėda during memorable dates in Lithuania.

On 1st of March 2014 there was 25th Anniversary Concert of the choir „Atminties gaida“ at Culture Centre „Žvejų rūmai“.



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