Mime Theatre "A"




Two halls are for rent for various events in "Žvejų rūmai": Big Hall – 1100 seats, Theatre Hall - 100 seats.

Exhibitions are held in the first and second floor lobbies. There is also a bar.



Our art groups are highly mobile, therefore you have a possibility to book a choir concert, theatre performance ordance group performance not only in the premises of "Žvejų rūmai", but for your events as well.



The Culture Centre "Žvejų rūmai" is the most heavily attended and visible centre in Klaipeda.

The building of the CC is on one of the main streets of the town. Moreover, it is a place for events attracting the largest audience.

We offer advertising space both, inside and outside the building and on our website.

The first floor lobby – a strategic location to advertise your company.

During various events people are walking around, reading information about forthcoming events, looking at photographs. The logo, billboardor motto of your company would constantly be in front of their eyes.

Commercial stand on the exterior of the building, close to the street with the heaviest traffic, would be clearly visible to many town residents and visitors.

A lot of people who organize and plan their leisure time visit our website.

Numerous websites and search engines providing information about forthcoming events and performances have links to our website.  Therefore your ads would not go unnoticed.

Moreover, we can represent your company during our events and visits of art groups around Lithuania and abroad.

Calendar of Events

"Fairy-tale About Kitten, Cock-a-Dodle-Doo and Seven Goatlings"

12:00 hour

Theatre Hall

6.20 €

Performance for Children based on Lithuanian Tales


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