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Klaipėda' Pilies Theatre




KLAIPĖDA PILIES THEATRE (that operated as a Theatre Studio at 68 Liepų Street until 1995) was founded in 1985. Founder: Director Alvydas Vizgirda, patron: Klaipėda City Municipality.

There are two groups of actors at Klaipėda Pilies Theatre: a professional performing arts group and a group for street events. The professional actors create productions for the stage, while the team for street performances and events involves a large group of musicians, dancers, and students of the KU Academy of Arts. During the 30 years of its creative activities, the theatre has staged over sixty performances and organised hundreds of events both inside and outside Lithuania.

Klaipėda Pilies Theatre is an important dominant of the cultural life of Klaipėda. The team of professionals of the Pilies Theatre is continuously engaged in the creation of new productions, while the street theatre group is creating performances, actions, improvisations and theatrical parades for street events.

(...) The group led by Alvydas Vizgirda always remains faithful to its role: to let enter their theatre but not to get too close.

(...) Pilies Theatre likes shocking the audience. And it is not that the performances are dominated by physical stunts (although these can be seen as well) but by real psychological terror: in his performances, the director makes us gaze at the abyss of the human soul...

(...) There is a clear carnivalization tendency in the performances of the Pilies Theatre. A carnival is a spectacle without a ramp and without a division into performers and spectators. A carnival has philosophy dressed in variegated clothing of a hetaera...

(...) The open-ended questions are not characteristic of productions by A. Vizgirda - the answer is given - the hero often deliberately puts on a clown’s mask and accepts ridicule and humiliation, and that is when the intended carnivalized reversal of the world takes place: the treatment of the clown by the defenders of morality shows the immorality hidden in them...

The following directors have created at the Pilies Theatre: Alvydas Vizgirda, Kęstutis Rupulevičius, Olegas Kesminas, Vilija Trečiokaitė, Marius Matulevičius, Audronė Kalvaitytė, Darius Rabašauskas, Rūta Bunikytė, Liudas Vyšniauskas, and Marius Pažereckas.

Artists: Gintautas Stasiulis,Vytas Aleknavičius, Raimonda Balandytė, Virgilijus Bizauskas, Nadežda Gultiajeva, Anatolijus Klemencovas, Aina Zinčiukaitė, and Marta Vosyliūtė.

Composers: Saulius Šiaučiulis,Virgilijus Bublys, Algirdas Remesa, Gintaras Kizevičius, Haroldas Šlikas, Jonas Jurkūnas, Giedrius Puskunigis, and Edvinas Vasiljevas.

Choreographers: Mikola Zinčiuk, Gitana Puzinienė, Irma ir Rolandas Stoniai, Agnija Šeiko, Aistė Abromavičiūtė, and Arūnas Peštenis.

The year 2020 is a special year for Klaipėda Pilies Theatre: the group celebrates the 35th anniversary!


Currently the repertoire of the theatre includes:   

„Warsaw Melody“ – a play by Leonid Zorin.        


"Singles" - a play by Hanoch Levin;



"Fabijonas" - monodrama by Rimantas Šavelis


"Two Little Ladies Head North" - comedy by Pierre Notte


"Widow, Shorty, Seal and others" - a play by Keren klimovsky


"The Story Of Mr Sommer" - a play based on the novel by Patrick Süskind


"Easy Dating" - a play by Valentin Krasnogorov



Street performances, improvised performances:

„Sirens“ („Sirenos“)

Impressive street event with a hint of the sea and Versailles's Gardens, created by designers Aina Zinčiukaitė and Vytas Aleknavičius. It is the street improvised performance receiving thunderous applause and gaining spectators' fascination.


„Porcelain Wedding“ („Porcelianinės vestuvės“)

Eccentric procession with some wedding elements, mysterious characters. Improvised performance reminds of a reception of gathering of revived white sculptures in a full moon. Authors of this performance attribute it to the category of serious – not serious theatre attractions, performances.


"Gardens Of Versailles"

The idea of  „Gardens of  Versailles“ was inspired by the book about Madamede Pompadour, the official favourite of Louis

XV, King of France and of Navarre. The performance does not fallow historical events. The  real story is only the mean to intrigue spectators and public.The libretto is captured on fantasy and real events are pointing by excogitations. Versailles... Versailles... Versailles... Luxurious coaches, silk stocking ladies, assiduous cavaliers...Crowd of faces, beauty of costumes, smell of luxury, countless of intrigues in the palace... This time it isn‘t a story about fairy gardens. Let‘slook at one and only woman, artist, singer. Listen to sweet remembrances that visited her this night: passing youth and reckless days. The life goes to the end...



The elegant building known as the Erechtheion, on the north side of the sacred rock of the Acropolis was dedicated to Athena Polias – the goddess of wisdom and warfare and to Poseidon – the god of the sea.

On its east side, an Ionic portico with six columns sheltered the entrance to the east part of the building.

Those six amazing marble women became the inspiration of “Caryatides” – the performance of theCastle theatre.

…Late at night here comes the artist to the square on the rock of Acropolis. He’s in love with the unique beautiful sculptures. The sun goes down and what a surprise –  the sculptures come alive. Caryatides tell to artist their touching and funny stories.

Athena with two Atlases come to the plot. But cheerful begining of performance doesn't give a promise about a happy -end. Because the encouter with perfection is real ruin for an ordinary mortal...

Scenario is based on myths about Caryatides, Athena, Atlases and Thanatus, awful and angry son of Nyx (Night).

Texts by Ancient Greek poets - Sappho and Archilochus – are used as well.


Calendar of Events

"Fairy-tale About Kitten, Cock-a-Dodle-Doo and Seven Goatlings"

12:00 hour

Theatre Hall

6.20 €

Performance for Children based on Lithuanian Tales


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