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"Head Over Heels"

Director Giedrė Kriaučionytė: In the world of Uno, who is always the first, and Duo, who is always the second, order and system prevail, as they know how to count. But they only count to two, so they do not accept a third friend. Yet Trio couldn’t care less about the sequence of numbers. He purposely mixes the sequence of numbers thus turning the world upside down. While the three of them are fighting about the sequence of numbers the world turns topsy turvy, until Trio finally asks Uno and Duo, ‘You keep saying: I am the first, I am the second, but what does that mean? Who are you?’

A free and comical play with words, space, linguistic repetitions and number sequences, creates a gently ironic and at the same time absurd story that touches on the most important problems: who am I, who are you and how we can live together.

This performance tells children about two friends who have their own rules and strictly adhere to them. It teaches one to accept a different person, with a different opinion and worldview, who nevertheless wants to be one’s friend. How easily we create so many rules, which only distance us from ourselves, from what we really are. Because man resembles chaos much more than order or system. The nature of man is much more reminiscent of a carelessly chirping bird than a definite mathematical system. So this performance for ALL people who are older than four.


Carsten Brandau (born in Hamburg in 1970) is a contemporary German playwright who is often referred to as the children’s Beckett. The play “Trio Goes Topsy Turvy” (Djörn steht Kopf, 2012), has been awarded the prizes of “Mülheimer KinderStücke” and the Dutch and German children’s and youth literature contest KAAS & KAPPES. Translated by Rūta Jonynaitė and first delivered in a reading at LNDT in June 2017 (director Giedrė Kriaučionytė).



2019 February 3 d, Sunday, 12:00 hour


Tickets: 6.00 €

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